LIOQA is a boutique 5-star private resort comprising 21 luxury villas with a beachfront location and a private marina. It is fully managed by the resort operator, providing a genuinely hassle-free solution. The resort offers complete privacy and assured safety within this gated community. Residents can enjoy an exclusive VIVA Beach Club with a restaurant and bar, a lounge area, and two community swimming pools with highly trained staff at your service.

LIOQA Resort is located on the south coast of Ugljan Island – the closest island to the city of Zadar (Croatia) and the first island of the Zadar archipelago.

Size: 4 hectares; orientation: southwest (ideal beach orientation).

The resort has a beachfront location with a maximum distance of 200m from the sea.

The plot sizes range from 787 m² up to 1,782 m².

Zadar has an international airport, so you can either use one of several airlines, charter a plane or fly a private jet into the airport. Otherwise, you can arrive by car and use the short ferry service that takes approximately 25 minutes to get you and your vehicle to the island. The service operates almost every hour.

We plan to build a heliport approximately 2 km from the resort. From 2023, a heli-taxi operator will offer five-minute helicopter transportation to the island directly from Zadar International Airport. For safety and privacy reasons, no heliport will be built inside the resort, but the resort staff will provide pickup and dropoff service at the island’s heliport for you and your family.

You are buying a 100 % share in a dedicated SPV that will own the villa chosen for your investment.

Your SPV as a co-owner, becomes a member of the co-owner condominium, which is bound by a management agreement and a community agreement. Being part of a holiday resort differs from urban housing. Single management and linked ownership within the resort ensure unity within the resort, singular landscaping, professional maintenance, and a high level of services for resort clients.

All rights and obligations are explained in detail in the relevant legal documentation specifying your investment.

The resort and its management are predominantly designed to generate income for investors, and each individual purchaser is treated as an investor seeking profit unless it’s stated otherwise. Therefore, you are not purchasing a villa but investing in a ready-to-operate business unit that offers accommodation and a range of hospitality services in high-end resorts and delivers YIELD income.

It’s a one-stop shop for taking care of your property regardless of whether you are at the villa or whether it’s high or low season. A company experienced with hospitality handles resort management, including bookings, check-ins and check-outs, property maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, security, operation of the beach club and reception, administration of legal and tax obligations for SPVs that own and rent villas, and providing hospitality services. The company also holds the marina and beach licenses.

A smart-technology villa delivered in the floors & doors standard, including fully fitted bathrooms, a high-end kitchen equipped with all appliances, a heated infinity swimming pool, and a fully landscaped plot. Please see an example of our standard equipment for a detailed description of this innovative technology.

You can get in touch with us through an online form on our web page, and one of our dedicated staff members will contact you at your convenience.

Yes, you, your family, and friends are more than welcome to use the property. Anytime you decide not to rent the property and use it for your private venues, discounted rates will be available.

This income is revenue from your investment vehicle (SPV) and is taxed as per Croatian legislation.

The primary purpose of the SPV is to generate income and YIELD for its investors.  You would hold 100% of the shares in this company, and you would be indirectly (through the SPV) the sole owner of the property and all related tools and rights to operate an ultra-luxury vacation home rental.  

Our legal team is ready to explain to you the advantages and potential disadvantages of such a structure.

We take care of all the legal and regulatory requirements, and we set up the company for you through our international brand legal advisors based in Croatia. In cooperation with resort management, they take care of all corporate documentation, including the submission of legal and tax documents. Your investment is a truly hassle-free experience. In order to rent your property, our team would not only manage the bookings of your SPV  but also take care of all accounting and taxation issues to ensure legal compliance. 

Yes, but we are here to help you with that. You and your SPV are obligated to register for a Croatian tax number (OIB, Osobni identifikacijski broj). When seeking an OIB number, the request must be accompanied by a notarized copy of your passport/ID and fill out and sign certain legal forms. You do not need to be physically in Croatia to register.

The selling process consists of three main legal documents (contracts):

  • a commitment letter (optional)
  • a share purchase pre-agreement (future SPA) signed online within 30 days of signing the commitment letter and paying the commitment fee
  • a share purchase agreement including a share transfer agreement (SPA) signed upon completion of the resort.

Yes, we offer three options: a basic interior package, a premium interior package designed by Marisa Gallo exclusively prepared by her famous Interiorisimo® studio, and an additional option to choose your designer.

All investors who sign the pre-sale agreement (future SPA) before the end of the year 2023, have the chance to choose from one of our hand-picked interior furniture packages.

To minimize construction activity, after the resort’s completion, our team is ready to help you change your villa’s interior according to your wishes during construction, but generally, there will be no option to do any loud work after completion of the resort.

In case you are interested in a specific villa and understand the investment model and projected yields, we advise all our clients to make commitments to reserve a villa that meets all their needs for their investment. We recommend that you go through the list of construction and finishing materials beforehand, as you’ll be required to agree to them. In any case, our sales team is ready to help you at any stage of the process.

You will need to pass your personal details on to our sales team, agree to our commitment letter and our general terms and conditions, and pay a commitment fee.

The commitment fee is EUR 25.000, which is deducted from your final purchase price upon signing the future SPA. 

After paying the commitment fee, the property is exclusively reserved for your investment and will be designated as such on the project’s website for a period of 30 days. During this time, one of our staff members will contact you to review and sign the share purchase pre-agreement stipulating the main terms of your investment. After the Resort´s completion, you will be obliged to execute the share purchase agreement including the share transfer agreement in a solemnized form in front of a notary public. We make the investment process as easy as possible for you, but you must take some steps on your end to complete the sale successfully.

You pay 50% of the final purchase price within 15 days of signing the future SPA and related documents.

Your commitment fee of EUR 25,000  and your investment opportunity would be lost, and the villa would be offered to other prospective investors.

We do not use installment payments, so you pay the remaining 50% of the purchase price upon completion of the project in Q2 2024.

All live updates from the construction site are available in the construction section on our website and in the client portal.

The client portal is your one-stop shop to check construction status, get lists of materials and appliances, review all changes you requested on your villa, and access all legal documents and user manuals. We alert you with essential updates through notifications and emails during construction.

Estimated date of completion: Q1 2024.

The management company holds the license for beach operations. All property owners have the right to use the beach free of charge.

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Feel free to contact us at any time and our VIP Customer Manager will happily provide you with all information about the LIOQA Resort.