Ugljan Island

Ugljan is one of the most desired Croatian islands. It’s well-known for its natural green landscape, azure-blue bays, and romantic coastal lagoons.

Also called the Green Island of the Adriatic Sea, Ugljan is the closest island to the city of Zadar and the first in the Zadar Archipelago.

Croatia has an excellent infrastructure with a high-way network and international airports spread throughout the country. Zadar international airport receives flights from most European capitals, and it takes just a few hours of driving to Zadar from all neighboring countries.

LIOQA Resort

LIOQA Resort is located near Guduce – a small village on the west coast of Ugljan Island. The resort has an ideal southwest orientation offering beautiful panoramic sea views and romantic sunsets.

Known for its rich history, dating back to the Roman era and full of small, picturesque fishing villages, Ugljan is one of the most charming Croatian islands.

A ferry line connects Zadar Port (Gaženica) with Preko – the main port and hearth of the Ugljan island. It departs 12-18 times a day, and the voyage takes just 25 minutes.

LIOQA has a perfect location as it’s far from the crowded beaches and yet close enough to modern civilization. Enjoy luxury, safety, and privacy in this exclusive 5* private resort!

LIOQA map view

Welcome to your private resort

21 luxury villas sit in four idyllic rows on the coast, with direct access to the beach and the resort’s private marina. The southwest orientation of the beach and villas of the resort ensures the perfect summer, offering one of the most beautiful sunsets in Europe. The beach offers lounge chairs and sunshades exclusively reserved for the residents.

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VIVA Beach Club

An exclusive beach club boasts two community swimming pools, an outdoor workout area, and a terraced restaurant and bar. Its beachfront location is ideal for all residents and everyone who sails around the island. Dock your boat in the resort’s private marina and visit the VIVA Beach Club.

LIOQA Marina